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    Blue1 started out as Air Botnia in 1988. The company's main routes were on the Finnish market to/from Helsinki. In the year 1998 the company became a fully owned subsidiary to Scandinavian Airlines System. In 1999 a decision was made to change the airline's strategy, and so the network basically was to cover the SAS Group Scandinavian hubs Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen. Later that year, all flights entered a code share agreement. The aim was to offer direct international flights. Blue1 and SAS united their organizations in March 2000. In the year 2004 Air Botnia became Blue1. In 2004 they joined Star Alliance and opened the first domestic flights from Helsinki to Oulu and Kuopio. Blue1 continues its expansion program in March 2006. The amount of destinations will grow from 14 to 25. Blue1 will focus heavily on Europe with daily connections to such destinations as London and Warsaw and with flights to tourist destinations in southern Europe such as Athens and Rome.
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    Av. seats 1.287 Tot. seats 48.922
    Av. frequency 19 Tot. frequency 706
    Tot. airports 14 Tot. routes 38
    Av. distance 615
    Av. time 77
    Beta-index β 2,71
    Theta-index θ 3.494
    Eta(t)-index η 89
    Eta(x)-index η 751
    HHI 0,56
    Gini 0,57
    Flights per 60 minutes 16,04
    Top 5 regions (based on seats)
    Finland 60,20 % (29.450)
    Sweden 20,14 % (9.854)
    Denmark 12,63 % (6.181)
    Norway 3,63 % (1.778)
    Germany 2,75 % (1.343)
    Top 5 airports (based on seats)
    HEL-Helsinki 32,73 % (16.014)
    ARN-Stockholm (Arlanda) 18,61 % (9.102)
    CPH-Copenhagen (Int.) 12,63 % (6.181)
    OUL-Oulu 8,04 % (3.934)
    TKU-Turku 6,54 % (3.199)
    Airport hierarchy
    Primary 13,28 % (6.497)
    Secondary 55,94 % (27.368)
    Tertiary 30,78 % (15.057)



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    SAS Scandinavian Airline System 100 -> Blue1 * Member of Star Alliance



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