This section contains information related to FlyNordic, flight code LF, a low-cost carrier regional type.

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    "FlyNordic originates from a privately-owned airline that as of 2001 was operating between Luleň and Stockholm. Finnair purchased the majority of the company in the autumn of 2003 and with the new management a new business concept was introduced and a lowcost airline was born. At the same time the traffic program expanded dramatically with new routes to Oslo, Copenhagen, Gothenburg and Umeň. The objective for FlyNordic is to become the leading low-cost and low-fare airline in Northern Europe. FlyNordic operates mornings and evenings to destinations that business travelers demands and during the day to destinations which leisure travelers request. FlyNordic aims to create additional value to both business and leisure travelers through offering a high degree of service at a low fare. With that more travel by more travelers can be achieved. The FlyNordic service concept includes among other things booking online or by telephone, only operating at major airports, attractive departure times, ticket less travel, changeable tickets (both dates and names) and fixed student prices."
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    Av. seats 2.181 Tot. seats 39.265
    Av. frequency 14 Tot. frequency 244
    Tot. airports 7 Tot. routes 18
    Av. distance 576
    Av. time 73
    Beta-index β 2,57
    Theta-index θ 5.609
    Eta(t)-index η 101,16
    Eta(x)-index η 945,56
    HHI 0,47
    Gini 0,48
    Flights per 60 minutes 11,79
    Top 5 regions (based on seats)
    Sweden 82,78 % (32.503)
    Denmark 9,84 % (3.864)
    Norway 6,56 % (2.576)
    France 0,82 % (322)
    --- -----
    Top 5 airports (based on seats)
    ARN-Stockholm 53,67 % (21.072)
    GOT-Gothenburg 10,25 % (4.025)
    CPH-Copenhagen (Int.) 9,84 % (3.864)
    LLA-Lulea 9,84 % (3.864)
    UME-Umea 9,02 % (3.542)
    Airport hierarchy
    Primary 9,84 % (3.864)
    Secondary 60,23 % (23.648)
    Tertiary 29,93 % (11.753)



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    Organisation chart
    Aero Airlines <- 100 Finnair <- 59 Finnish State
    Nordic Airlink (FlyNordic) <- 85   <- 41 Stockmarket Listing <- 0,8      
    Oneworld Alliance *      



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