The following tables can be downloaded and contain information per individual low-cost carrier. Right click on a file and choose ‘Save Target As…’ to store the file on your computer. Tables are stored as tab delimited text files, *.txt, and can be opened in MS-Excel.

  • Table I, Average distance per low-cost carrier, 2005-09.
  • Table II, Densities in seats per flight, 2005-09.
  • Table III, number of equipment types per carrier.
  • Table IIIb, legend equipment type codes.
  • Table IV, Average number of flights per carrier, 2005-09.
  • Table V, Airports, routes, and beta index, 2005-09.
  • Table VI, Gini index, 2005-09.
  • Table VII, Number of flights per 500 km.
  • Table VIII, Population density per seat.
  • Table IX, Gross domestic product per seat.
  • Table X, Number of tourists per seat.
  • Table XI, Statistics per country.
  • Tabel XII, Number of low-cost carriers and seats per airport.
  • Table XIIIb, Sorted on number of low-cost carriers.
  • Table XIV, European airports: primary, secondary, and tertiary.