Data & GIS

Three aggregation levels

The final dataset has been adjusted and refined with help of SPSS and MS Excel, which resulted in data at three different aggregation levels. At the highest spatial level European low-cost carriers are analysed as one group. This way the whole group can be compared with other groups like the full-service carriers. At a lower spatial level data will be presented for each low-cost carrier type. This is on a similar level as the hypothetical low-cost carrier network development, which has been discussed in an earlier section. At the lowest spatial level stands the individual low-cost carrier. Because of the large number of carrier and related amount of data, four cases will be selected to discuss later on in this research. Data on each individual carrier can be found here (this data is not presented in the hard-copy of this research).

Other adjustments, which have been carried out on, the datasets relate to preparing the data for visualizing and analyzing in the GIS programs Flowmap and MapInfo. These are mostly technical adjustments, like for example conversions of data to original files that can be read both by Flowmap and MapInfo. These adjustments will not be discussed in this research.