The following pages give an overview of low-cost carriers which belong to one of the four low-cost carrier types and were as such used during the research. The network development of the low-cost carrier types have been visualized through the ‘network viewer’, which will play a slide show of the selected carrier displaying their development. It is also possible to manually select a certain year. Current data encompasses the period 1990 - 2005, excluding the years 1995, and 2000 – 2002.

Either select an item in the menu on the left or click on the low-cost carrier type below to get an overview of their development. The network development of each carrier individually can be found in the index.

  • LCC Charter type
  • LCC Full Service Carrier type
  • LCC Original type
  • LCC Regional Carrier type
  • Index of individual carriers
  • To get an idea of the scale on which European low-cost carriers developed from 1990 till 2005 click on the start button below to start the slide show, displaying the network development of all the low-cost carriers. Note that there is also a high resolution version with larger maps which will open in a new window by clicking on the appropriate link.

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    Total low-cost carrier network