Data and tools

The different datasets, which lay at the base of this research, are retrieved from the Back Aviation Solutions OAG4 Database and contains data from 1990 till 1999 and 2003 till 2005. Other data has been retrieved through Eurostat, European Travel Network, Airportcitycodes.com, Who-Owns-Whom database and the sites related to the different airline companies themselves. Analysis and visualisations have been carried out with different spreadsheet programs and particular with help of the geographic information systems (GIS-programs) Flowmap5 and MapInfo6. Another section will give a more in-depth look at these programs.

4 OAG - Official Airline Guide, http://www.oag.com .
5 Flowmap 7.2, developed by the University of Utrecht, department Geosciences, http://flowmap.geog.uu.nl .
6 MapInfo 8, developed by the MapInfo Corporation, http://www.mapinfo.com .