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Editors: Groß, S. & Schröder, A.
Document: 'Handbook of Low Cost Airlines; Strategies, Business Processes and Market Environment'
Date: 2007
Description: "The handbook supplies for the first time a comprehensive overview of the new air traffic segment by addressing the issues of the actual business model, discussing strategies of low cost airlines and expanding on the aspects of suppliers, customers, cooperation partners and competitors. The handbook pools the knowledge of experienced and renowned experts."
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Author: Touzni, J.
Document: 'Aviation Deregulation & its Impact on Moroccan Tourism'
Date: 04-2007
Description: Dissertation as part requirement of BSc Business & Management Degree by J. Touzni, Brunel University West London.
Author: Zwan, J. van der
Document: 'Low Cost Carriers - Europe, Een onderzoek naar de Europese low-cost carriers en hun netwerkontwikkeling' (thesis)
Date: 27-11-2006
Description: This is the final version of my graduation thesis on European low-cost carriers and their network development (thesis is in Dutch!, file size 40 MB!). The thesis also includes a cd-rom with an offline version of the related site. The content can be downloaded below.
Low-Cost Carrier cd-rom.
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Note: 105 MB!
Site: Airneth -
Section: Long-haul low-cost
Description: 'The low-cost airline business model has, until now, been primarily focused on the short-haul routes and point-to-point operations. Recently some (new) low-cost airlines have started long-haul operations.'
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Site: Airneth -
Section: Low-cost carriers
Description: 'The rise of the low-cost carrier has been one of the most profound impacts of the deregulation and liberalization of air transport markets all around the globe.'
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