The low-cost carrier network development overviews are alphabetical indexed and can be found here:

More specific information on the low-cost carrier biography can be found here. The network page is divided into a network viewer and selected diagrams.

The network viewer is an integrated slide show that can be operated with the buttons below the map or by selecting a year from the drop-down menu. When clicking on the start button the slide show will start playing from the selected year. By clicking 'click here' below the low-cost carrier title a high resolution version of the network viewer will open in a new window. The high resolution viewer contains more detailed maps and gives a better overview of the network development.

Below the network viewer diagrams are shown of selected characteristics, presenting the development during their active period between 1990 and 2005. The following characteristics selected: the total number of seats, the beta index (which represents the average number of routes per airport), the theta index (which represents the average traffic per airport), the eta index (which represents the average time and distance per route), the gamma index (which is a concentration measure). More information on the different statistics can be found in the operationalization section.