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Dear visitor, welcome to the first independent site focusing solely on European low-cost carriers, featuring a source of information on low-cost carriers, their biographies, and their development.

This site consists of three parts. The first part focuses on the research itself, different sections of this research can be viewed by clicking on the related item in the first block of menu items on the left. The second block of menu items relates to the second part of this site and gives an overview of research results at the individual low-cost carrier level. It also contains general information of different carriers. The third part consists of related research and articles which have been received from other authors.

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Research: Low-cost carriers (LCC): Related research:
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  • Network development
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  • Future of this site: Because most people use this site as a starting point for their research into low-cost carriers, there are currently plans to add other related research to the site. Please use the contact page to contact me if you would like to publish your research on this site or would like to suggest interesting links to be included in the links section.

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